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dmat28.cpp File Reference

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#include "fvar.hpp"

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banded_lower_triangular_dmatrix choleski_decomp (const banded_symmetric_dmatrix &MM)
banded_lower_triangular_dmatrix choleski_decomp (const banded_symmetric_dmatrix &_M, int &ierr)
dvector eigenvalues (const banded_symmetric_dmatrix &_SS)
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dmatrix eigenvectors (const banded_symmetric_dmatrix &_SS, const dvector &_e)
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ostream & operator<< (const ostream &_ofs, const banded_lower_triangular_dmatrix &S1)
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dmatrix eigenvectors ( const banded_symmetric_dmatrix _SS,
const dvector _e 
ostream& operator<< ( const ostream &  _ofs,
const banded_lower_triangular_dmatrix S1 

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Definition at line 258 of file dmat28.cpp.