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model33.cpp File Reference

(* $Id$)

#include <admodel.h>

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class  string_parser


typedef char * chararray


void ad_make_code_reentrant (void)
void cleanup_argv (int nopt, char ***pa)
void davesnobullshitstrncpy (char *a, const char *b, const size_t n)
void do_dll_housekeeping (int argc, char **argv)
void get_sp_printf (void)
char ** no_dll_options (char *pname, const int &_nopt)
void parse_dll_options (char *pname, const int &_nopt, char *sp_options, char ***pargv)
char ** parse_dll_options (char *pname, const int &_argc, char *s)

Typedef Documentation

typedef char* chararray

Definition at line 439 of file model33.cpp.

Function Documentation

void ad_make_code_reentrant ( void  )

Definition at line 9 of file model33.cpp.

void cleanup_argv ( int  nopt,
char ***  pa 

Definition at line 124 of file model33.cpp.

void davesnobullshitstrncpy ( char *  a,
const char *  b,
const size_t  n 

Definition at line 441 of file model33.cpp.

Referenced by parse_dll_options().

void do_dll_housekeeping ( int  argc,
char **  argv 

Definition at line 160 of file model33.cpp.

void get_sp_printf ( void  )

Definition at line 149 of file model33.cpp.

Referenced by do_dll_housekeeping().

char** no_dll_options ( char *  pname,
const int &  _nopt 

Definition at line 103 of file model33.cpp.

void parse_dll_options ( char *  pname,
const int &  _nopt,
char *  sp_options,
char ***  pargv 

Definition at line 36 of file model33.cpp.

char** parse_dll_options ( char *  pname,
const int &  _argc,
char *  s 

Definition at line 447 of file model33.cpp.